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Deeble Family Mediation

Legal Fees

Deeble & Persaud Law has a simple approach to legal fees. We strive to provide quality legal services at reasonable rates. 

Our economical flat rate fees are subject to HST and disbursements such as courier costs.

In addition, Deeble & Persaud Law offers a reasonable hourly rate of $280 per hour for matters that require work to be performed on an hourly basis.

For information on our flat rate fees, contact us.  

Legal Aid

Deeble & Persaud Law accepts legal aid certificates  for family law matters. 

It is your responsibility to find out if you qualify and, if you do, obtain your own certificate from Legal Aid Ontario. Should you obtain a legal aid certificate, there will be no costs for you personally, as Legal Aid Ontario pays us directly. 

More information on legal aid can be found on the Legal Aid Ontario website at www.legalaid.on.ca .


Some matters may require a retainer, or pre-payment. The retainer amount will be applied towards your legal bill for services rendered until it is depleted.


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