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Collaborative Family Law (or CFL) refers to a dispute resolution technique advanced by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. Collaborative family lawyers will have certification of their training in Collaborative family law.

CFL is a variation on the theme of negotiation. It also incorporates other successful dispute resolution techniques.

The parties and their lawyers are present. If desired, the parties can retain a qualified facilitator for discussions.

In CFL, the spouses are expected to communicate and cooperate, and to control their emotions. Likewise, the lawyers are expected to communicate and cooperate effectively in helping the spouses convert their positions into interest-based negotiations. For example, it is not proper to use ultimatums or legal threats in this forum.

The spouses and their lawyers may also choose to hire other professionals to secure a speedy resolution, for example a parenting advisor to help reach a parenting proposal, or a financial advisor to help solve challenges related to the division of property.

The spouses remain in control of the process.

There is no judge or decision maker, so the spouses have to participate actively

The process is fast as compared to court, and less expensive than going to trial.

Christopher Deeble has completed Level 1 and Level 2 training in Collaborative Family Law through Collaborative Practice Ottawa.


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