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Family situations are not usually best resolved by the courts, and that is why it is preferable to have an arsenal of dispute resolution expertise before having to resort to court action.


But if you can't avoid court, you need someone who can take you to court without also taking you to the cleaners. When you hire me, you get an advocate with a full range of experience, skills and abilities that I will use to craft solutions and manage your legal costs:

Litigating in court is sometimes a blunt instrument for resolving the delicate intricacies of your family. Choose a lawyer or lawyer-mediator with a wide variety of skills and experience to drive your case to resolution.

Why is family law mediation important?

You can have anyone mediate your family law dispute, but if you want a long-lasting, cost-effective contract to come out of your mediation, you should consider a mediator accredited by the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM). If you have to divide property such as a home or a pension, your mediator should also be a licensed, insured lawyer, so that the lawyer-mediator can actually write your final contract, and inform you on these complex areas of law. Remember: not all mediators are lawyers, so shop carefully.

The Accredited Family Mediator designation given by OAFM is the premier designation for mediators in Ontario. Accredited Family Mediators have proven they have the training and expertise needed to approach emotionally charged situations, screen for safety, objectively assess points of conflict, and facilitate balanced settlements for families in Ontario. This is a designation well recognized by the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Child and Youth Services.

You can read more here: https://www.oafm.on.ca/


What is "New Ways for Families®"?

It's no surprise that some people escalate the conflict in a family breakdown. Conflict takes its toll on spouses and children, it wastes the time and resources of everyone involved. In Ottawa, the so-called "core family judges" (those who do most of their adjudication in family court) have received training in New Ways for Families® from founder and president, Bill Eddy, who is uniquely qualified as a lawyer, therapist, and mediator.

Some judges think that the court cannot help high-conflict families until they learn to help themselves. Judges can even order high conflict families to show that they have learnt these "New Ways" of parenting and negotiating, because they yield proven results. Lawyers trained in New Ways for Families® have techniques for de-escalating the high-conflict parent. My name appears on the roster maintained by the High Conflict Institute in San Diego, California.

You can read more here: http://www.newways4families.com/


What is a Collaborative Family Lawyer?

For people who have good rapport and are ready to divorce, a Collaborative Divorce is a wonderful out-of-court option. It allows you to reach a binding agreement in a respectful and private way. It works by bringing together child and financial specialists, family professionals, and other experts all working on your team, which avoids costly letter-writing wars.

Many Ontario judges recognize and appreciate the added value of Collaborative Practice and how families can benefit from this approach to your dispute. Collaborative Family Lawyers have completed 40 hours of specialized instruction, including interest-based negotiation skills training and collaborative family law skills training.

You can read more here: http://www.oclf.ca/index.htm


What is the Ottawa Family Law Study Group (OFLSG)?

Organized by a group of peers, the OFLSG provides collegiality and professional development to divorce lawyers. The focus is on building and sharpening the foundations of litigation. The Carleton County Law Association recognizes the OFLSG and provides its support. The training -- which was developed and co-ordinated by myself and one other co-chair -- was approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada for professionalism content.





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